automatic login to Cisco routers / firewalls

Since many of you are still connecting to your Cisco boxes with the plain ssh/telnet command (typing password every time) and since Cisco boxes don’t have SSH public key authentication, the tool to use comes from Rancid (Really Awesome New Cisco confIg Differ) package.

It’s called “clogin” as Cisco login script.

It requires all the credentials in ~/.cloginrc file (protocol / password / enable).

Syntax of .cloginrc file can be found here.

and usage is simple, just clogin hostname

And besides loging it’s very usefull for multiple box configuration. Let’s say you just need to write configs of your 5 routers.

clogin -c "write;exit" router1 router2 router3 router4 router5

and Voila !